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Review groups are the key component of PullApprove. For simple use cases, you may only need one group. For more sophisitcated setups, groups can be used to divide reviewers by language, specialty, role, or anything else you use to organize your workflow. Groups can even depend on other groups to build a phased review process.

Each group comes with its own rules for when they are asked to review, provides controls for how reviewers are selected, and how many reviews are required for approval.

version: 3
  # group name
    # the group is activated when all of these statements are true
    - '"ui/ux" in labels'
    # people who can approve for this group
      - design
    # settings for approval and reviewer selection
      required: 1
      request: 2

Phased reviews

With advanced use of the conditions setting, you can set up reviews to be done in "phases", or happen in separate steps.

This is particularly useful if there are certain people that you don't want to bug until other parts of the review have been completed — either because their time is more valuable or because their area of review isn't necessary until other aspects have already been approved.

You can set this up by making groups depend on other groups. The groups variable comes with a set of convenient properties for checking the state of other groups.

Important: Groups are evaluated in order, and the groups variable only contains the preceding groups when you write conditions.

version: 3


    # only asked to review once "code" has finished
    - "'code' in groups.approved"